How Colours Impact our Emotions and Behaviour

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Did you know that different people perceive colours differently? Although different people respond to colours in a similar way, the effects can vary from person to person. A person can feel good surrounded by a certain colour, and at the same time, it could unconsciously awaken some memories or feelings that could be both good and bad. Colour psychology is of immense use in interior design. However, as mentioned above, not every person living in the house will react to the colours in exactly the same way, where one can like it and others don’t. This makes neutral colours an ideal choice in interior design.

Guzel Dezayns, known for their high quality bedding sets and designer bedding collection, explain that they specifically choose neutral colours for their luxury bedding & cushion covers, with their colour palette consisting primarily of ivory, white and grey, complemented by classic silver and gold tone threads to add an elegant touch to every time of room. They believe that a neutral color palette allows you to create any color scheme for the bedroom. It gives you the option to combine the bedding with darker or brighter colors for the walls and decorative accents to create a vibrant room.

Neutral Colors Work Best

Many might consider neutral colors boring. But what you should know is that neutral colors do not irritate the eyes of the viewer. For instance, bold color furniture or texture can easily look out of place, as your mood or the situation changes. Our choices start to differ as we grow older, get married or have kids. It can even change with a job promotion and even business failure. It will not be easy or economical for you to keep changing things and getting the walls painted and furniture changed each time you enter a different phase in your life.

Not only do people not get tired of neutral colors, they have a calming effect and can easily be made to look vibrant with the addition of bright accents.

Neutral Colours Offer Colourful Opportunities

What adds to the versatility of neutral colors is the fact that homeowners can add inexpensive and brightly-coloured items like throw pillows and a beautiful bouquet of bright flowers, against the neutral backdrop, which can take their interior décor to an altogether new level. This will help you add your personal style and show off your cool design choices to your guests.


You simply need to layer textiles to create a warm and well designed space, which can be accomplished very easily with a neutral base. Moreover, with homebuyers being loaded with a plethora of options of high quality furniture and interior design for rooms, it will become easier to mix and match.


What’s more, having neutral colours in the room makes it appears more welcoming, clean, warm and well-designed. You know what else can make a room more welcoming? It is the addition of beautiful luxury double bedding sets and cushion covers to add a touch of sophistication and elegance.


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